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National Anti-Drug Movement
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Industri Narkotika - Bisnis Kotor


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Courtesy of The World Federation Against Drugs ( )

"The Narcotics Industry - A Dirty Business" is available as a downloadable PDF document. A very insightful read.

Download the PDF here:


"The Narcotics industry is a dirty business but a profitable one. People trading in narcotics can earn vast sums of money. The production and export of narcotics is one of the world’s biggest industries, estimated to be worth approximately SEK 2,250 billion. Narcotics smuggling is carried out by criminal groups with contacts in many countries. The big profits, but also the high risks, mean that smuggling must be well organised. There is a clear link between international organised crime and the narcotics trade."



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Ketika Presiden jokowi bercanda ria dengan mahasiswa dari Papua di selandia baru

Selasa, 20 Maret 2018 17:05
Berantas Tuntas Narkoba dari bumi NKRI tercinta, selalu BERSINERGI TNI POLRI dalam menjaga dan pelindung perbatasan wilayah teritorial hukum INDONESIA #DIRGAHAYUINDONESIA

Jumat, 23 Pebruari 2018 18:06
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